Johnstown businesses react to Coney Island closing

Johnstown, Cambria County, Pa. - The news of Coney Island Lunch's closing spread fast in Johnstown and on social media. That's how father and son owners of Miller's of Johnstown, Randy and Taylor Clark, heard about the closing and the reaction from people in the area. 

"There was a lot of backlash against the town and how the town is going under and that's not true," said Taylor Clark, the co-owner of Miller's.

Clark posted on Facebook saying Millers's is sad to hear of the closing, but reminded people not to forget about the good happening downtown.

"Yea it's been here 101 years, but we've been here 127. We're going strong. Just because one business goes, doesn't mean every other business is going to go," Taylor said.

Other business owners said they want people to know there are businesses downtown that are thriving. 

"There are a lot of people doing great things in our city that are trying to build it up," said  Dan Shaffer, the co-owner of Flood City Cafe.

Shaffer said Flood City Cafe has been doing well since opening 3.5 years ago.

"We're getting into coffee classes. We're excited to be able to teach home barista skills," Shaffer said.

Shaffer and the Clarks said they've seen businesses come and go.

"I grew up here. I worked here as a kid. I've seen the changes over time, but you can't let that affect your passion as to what you do," said Randy Clark, the owner of Miller's.

However, companies can and do succeed downtown.

"It's not just the Central Business District. In neighborhoods around the city, small businesses are popping up," Shaffer said.

"I realize it's not going to be like it was in the 60s or 70s, but if you get enough businesses coming downtown, it could serve as an impetus for the future, possibly in the next few years," said Randy.

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