JoePa Statue Gifts Moved Inside Beaver Stadium

UNIVERSITY PARK, CENTRE COUNTY - The Joe Paterno statue has been cleared of gifts, which were left to honor the legendary coach.

The Paterno mementos haven't gone far.

Penn State Athletics say they worked overnight, so as to not disturb fans, to get all the items like shirts, pictures and candles inside Beaver Stadium.

The items were removed so they could dry and for the Paterno family to eventually review the gifts and decide if they want to keep any of them.

Penn State fans, students and people from across the state placed mementos at the statue, as Paterno's health declined 10 days ago. During services, honoring the iconic coach last week, hundreds went to the statue to pay their respects. Now, all the mementos are gone.

"We obviously spoke to the Paterno family in advance and just gave them an indication that this was a date that we we're looking at to get all the items together," said Jeff Nelson, the assistant athletic director for Penn State Athletic Communications.

Once the items dry in the stadium, the Paterno's will be called.

"At some point, the Paterno family will have the opportunity to come over and look at the items and see if there are any items that they would like to hang onto [or donate]," said Nelson.

It's possible that some mementos will be archived, but nothing has been confirmed. Still, there are people going to the statue to pay respects to Paterno and his family. Barb Dysinger came with her friend to the statue Wednesday. Dysinger says she is slightly upset the items were moved with no warning.

"Kind of a disappointment everything's gone, I wanted her to see all the stuff that was here it was just amazing, there were pictures, notes, letters, candles," said Dysinger of Lewistown, Mifflin County.

And at least one person has given another memento. One yellow flower rests at Paterno's feet.

Also, Penn State Athletics say there's been no discussion to remove the statue itself.

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