A behind the scenes look at some of the people who have moved to Rochester this summer for the PGA.

It takes an army of people to make the PGA Championship happen. Countless hours of work and planning are needed, and interns play an important role.

"I've been doing these box decals for a while this week, and I also do some of the cart inventory and then distrubute them to all the vendors around here," said Kate Kinderwater from Lancaster, PA. 

"They get to see a major championship come together, and they are involved in making that happen, so it looks good on their resume. I think they have a good time doing it as well and we love having them around," said Ryan Cannon, PGA Championship Director. 

"I'm getting college credit for this doing an internship, so it's good and it does look good on a resume," said Jim Gibson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Working the PGA Championship is a dream come true.

"I've always had an interest in golf and I wanted to see the behind the scenes process, how everything goes. I've been to a bunch of tournaments growing up so I figured this would be a perfect fit," said Kinderwater. 

This year's PGA Championship is a first for some interns, but others are pros.
Jim Gibson travels with the PGA throughout the summer. He made his way to Rochester after finishing his first internship at the U.S. Open in Marion.

"It's pretty fun putting big events together, having a bunch of people, thousands of people come and enjoy the event," said Gibson. 

The crew of 17 paid interns from all over the country spend most of the summer, and even fall, with the PGA.

"Help us put all those little details together that really help transform this event from just any other event into a major championship," said Cannon. 

The crews work five days a week from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Next week, as the championship draws closer, they will be working even longer hours.

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