Insurance and College

- STATE COLLEGE - The back-to-college countdown is starting for students across the country.

Some will be moving away from home for the first time with laptops, tablets and other electronics, but those tools for college can also be targets for thieves or become vulnerable to accidents.

According to State Farm Insurance, it's important for students to take inventory of what they have and keep a rough log of what everything is worth. Parents are also encouraged to check and make sure what their insurance policies cover for their college-bound children.

"You need to have a good idea what everything is worth," said Liz Dudek, State Farm Insurance Representative. "See what's covered on your insurance and what's not, and if it's not then you can go out and set something up."

According to State Farm Insurance college students living in on-campus housing are usually covered under insurance policies of parents, but also emphasized it's important to check.

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