Instructor emphasizes importance of active shooter training

Altoona, Blair County, Pa. - Rick Capozzi teaches on average about 8 active shooter classes a month for businesses, churches, schools, and community organizations.

He says a little training can make the difference between life and death.

Capozzi is the founder of survival mindset. He started training people how to react to an active shooter 11 years ago.

"You think about all the things in life we do training for," said Capozzi. "Why is it since, I think 1954, no children have died in a school fire, because we trained for that over and over again."

Capozzi says you need to have a mental plan. You can barricade, run and hide, or engage the shooter.

"If you make it difficult for the shooter to get to you they're more likely to move on because what they're interested in is a body count. Frankly, they have typically decided that they're going to die that day. The question is how many people are they going to take with them."

An example on how to defend yourself is to swarm the shooter and startle them.

Capozzi says during the Virginia Tech shooting students found a way to block the shooter's path.

"They laid on the floor and held their feet against the door and the shooter couldn't get through. What's interesting is he backed up shot through the door, but because they were laying down he shot over top, when he still couldn't get in, he went to the next one."

One way to prevent a shooting from happening Capozzi says is reaching out to your peers.

"You see that kid by themselves eating lunch, reach out to them, have a conversation with them, maybe ask them some questions. You see some things being posted on social media that are some red flags, don't ignore that, bring it to someone's attention."

Capozzi says no matter where you are, pay attention to your surroundings and speak up if you see something that's not normal.

Survival Mindset has a free training session for folks in March. Click here to sign up.

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