Huntingdon Shooting Blamed on Bath Salts

   HUNTINGDON , HUNTINGDON COUNTY -  Dozens of shots were fired before it all ended on Wednesday afternoon in Huntingdon.

       The Huntingdon County District Attorney says the use of bath salts played a big part in the hail of gunfire that put one man in the hospital and three others behind bars facing serious criminal charges.

        The Huntingdon Borough police were called to   the basement apartment in the rear of 1211 Mifflin Street just after five Wednesday afternoon on a report of shots fired. Neighbors say they were caught off guard by the gunfire.


      Authorities who swarmed the crime scene found one shooting victim, Joshua Lemin, seriously injured.

      The   gun-fire was blamed in part on the use of bath-salts to get high.

 The people at the scene,  the people who have been charged,  have indicated that there was the use of bath salts  , heavy use in fact over the last  few days,   which led to, at least partially led to this incident.  


         Authorities say the shooting victim was one of three people inside the apartment firing several guns, including an AK-47, at someone who had come to the door.

        Two of the gunmen, William Ledford and Dustin Scott have been charged with aggravated assault.

       The man who came to the apartment door, Jeremiah Shoop, has been charged with making terroristic threats.


       It was because of all of the gun-fire that rang out, estimated by the authorities at fifty rounds, that some neighbors are concerned about their safety.

        Kids  like there are a lot of kids  that live around this area and  i don't want to hear gun shots and  see some one getting hurt over something like that. 


   For the people investigating the case, this is more evidence that something needs to be done about the growing problem of bath salt abuse.

   The three of the men already arrested and charged in this shooting case are currently in the Huntingdon county prison.

     The shooting victim remains hospitalized

     Because he is also accused of firing a weapon, criminal charges against him are pending. 






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