Hundreds Watch Paterno Memorial Service at Various Campus Locations

UNIVERSITY PARK, CENTRE COUNTY - Hundreds of Penn State students and local and out-of-state Nittany Lion fans were also part of the memorial service remembering Joe Paterno Thursday, just not at the actual service.

In total, about 12,500 tickets were given away for the service Tuesday. They were available online and were gone in a matter of minutes.

So, not everyone who wanted to be there in person was able because of limited seating, but many gathered at other places on campus to watch the memorial together.

For those who weren't able to get a lucky ticket, they still felt like they were there and experienced the images of the service with the Paterno family.

Busy places like the HUB-Robeson Center were quite Thursday afternoon as the service was being aired. Once the service appeared on big screens, many people stopped to watch.

The emotion of the service connected with viewers. People found the video montage very moving. The clip showed Paterno's on-the-field success, the Nittany Lions at the White House and Paterno's Nike shoes, among other pictures of his life.

"I actually got to shake Joe Paterno's hand from the sideline [while] I was here on a recruiting visit," said Torin Miller, a student who wanted to tryout for Penn State's football team, but unfortunately, didn't get the chance, "And he asked me where I was from and I told him I was from Bellefonte and he looked in my eyes and he smiled and he said where's Bellefonte as a joke because State High always beat up on us."
Of course, there are people coping with Paterno's death. 

At the HUB, people could see the service inside the HUB Auditorium and Heritage and Alumni Halls. There were extra TVs setup so more students could watch the service. 

"We came up, we got the memorial on the radio, my kids are in their teens, as soon as we got it on the radio the whole car was crying. We pulled them out of school, I left work and we just did the best we could to get here," said Charles Venezia, who graduated from Penn State in 1985 and is from King of Prussia, Pa.

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