Hundreds attend Super Fair at the Nittany Mall

It was more than shopping at the Nittany Mall today.  It was a way to learn what your own backyard has to offer. 

"The overall event is a fantastic thing.  A fantastic resource for people in the community, and we are delighted to be a part of it," said Jacqueline Sheader, Public Relations Manager for CATA.


Sheader said CATA gives people in Centre County a way to get around, which is something they may not have known about.  It’s just one of more than 100 local agencies, organizations and businesses at the event today.  They were there to provide information about different support programs, housing options, healthcare and much more.

“There are lots of agencies here for folks to have the ability to come out and figure out what services they might need.  And if they don't need, maybe a neighbor or family member might need services," said Sandy Schuckers, Co-chair of the Centre County Community Super Fair.

The Nittany Mall debuted as host for the event and provided a more spacious venue for all it has to offer.

"We decided we wanted to see if we could reach more folks, and so we have advertised. The mall has been wonderful to work with. They've done advertising also and it's a great venue," said Schuckers.

Leaders with the fair said today's turnout speaks for itself, and showed the community’s interest in finding ways to help each other out. 

"It's just so rewarding to see the outpouring not just from the agencies but from the community.  Everyone is supportive of each other and that's why we are here," said Schuckers.

“I'm always in awe of the human service agencies in our community and all the things that they do for people is absolutely awe inspiring," said Sheader.

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