Houses Almost Hit, Driver Arrested for DUI

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 08/01 2014 05:15PM

Updated 08/01 2014 06:11PM

PHILIPSBURG, CENTRE COUNTY - On Friday morning, Jennifer Morris woke up to her brand new steps outside her house destroyed. There were tire marks in her yard, and her neighbor’s fence was also damaged.
What shocked Morris even more than what she saw when she woke up, was finding out, just what happened.
"The police officer explained to me that a drunk driver had come through last night. He entered this yard, and come down this way, and slammed into my house and my brand new steps."
State police say that Gregory Barnyak, of Philipsburg, was driving with a blood alcohol level of .20.
But Barnyak didn’t stop in Morris’s yard. He narrowly missed her car, and continued on for another two miles, until he hit into a pole at Sheetz along Route 322.
"He could have number one, hit into this house here, he could have hit into our house and potentially killed one of us while we were sleeping."
Morris said this isn't the first time her house has been hit by a drunk driver. In fact, it's the third time this year alone. But what bothers her most this time is that the driver never even stopped.
"I can't believe that somebody did this of this magnitude and didn't stop and try to fix the situation, or say is there something I can do or make sure that people are ok."
Morris said she still has to talk to the investigating officer to sort out all of the details, and that these steps will take time to rebuild. She's just grateful no one was hurt.
State police are still investigating. Charges are pending against Barnyak.

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