Homebrewer's beer brewing at local restaurant

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pa. - Brewing the perfect batch of beer is more than just mixing a few ingredients.

Chris Schell, Head Brewer at Robin Hood Brewing Co., said it's a perfect science.

From boiling and filtering ingredients, to fermenting and letting the concoction rest, Schell said it takes time to achieve the alcoholic beverage..

Sam Sholtis, a member of the State College Homebrew club, makes his cold ones at home.

Starting Aug. 1st, his beer will be featured at the Robin Hood Brewing Co., and Home D Pizzeria in Centre County.

"I'm super excited about it," Sholtis said.

"Sam's Northeast IPA" won a local beer competition in December.

And Schell received federal and state approval to sell it over the counter.

Highlighting local craft beers is a way to keep the menu interesting and allows homebrewers to spice things up.

"There are things that homebrewers can do or experiment with that I can't in [the brewery.] Because it is still a risk," Schell said. "And there are some legal issues that they don't have to worry about. They can put different flavoring in their beers or try different techniques."

So what's the secret ingredient to Sholtis' IPA?

Well it's more about the process; he said it's all about timing and when he adds hops to the mix.

"Chris says the secret ingredient is love," Sholtis said.

Friday at 7 p.m. the State College Homebrew Club will host "The Art and Science of Beer" at the State Theatre, where anyone can learn more about becoming a homebrewer.

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