HHG Drums: Making a beat in the music business

Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pa. - A man in Holidaysburg is helping drum a beat in the musical instrument industry around the globe.

The amazing part? He does it all in a garage right in his back yard.
Sam Thurau has been carving out custom drums for the last 5 years.
"Awesome opportunity to take my two passions,music and woodworking, and smash them together a bit."
This hobby is now a business that makes every customer's dream drum a reality.
"We build from scratch the idea that they have in their head," explained Thurau. "That's really handy, the idea of being able to have a drum that only you own, that's very unique to you. People will be looking for specific aesthetics and tonal characteristics and we can do all that. We can specify down to the last bolt and nut how we build your drum."
Each drum starts as wood glued together. Then you're ready to carve.
"So you get the tool rest in and get close to the drum, but it's not touching anything. You spin and make sure you're not going to hit anything."
Then you lock it down.
"Then you're ready to turn. You can kind of hear with every cut it gets smoother as it starts to get more and more round, he explained while carving.
Then the inside is carved out.
"It'll be flat. This edge will be perfectly flat, perfectly smooth, nice and round, nice and even thickness the whole way through."
Now the wood for these drums, they come from just about anywhere in the world and once these drums are complete they'll travel just as far.
"I think every continent except for Antarctica honestly, Australia, Japan. There's a drum store in Japan that you can go to right now that seven of our snare drums. It's crazy."
The drums will be finished with shiny coat.
"We attach metal hardware to it and then all the drum head to be seated on and a hoop to go over it, metal screws to suck that hoop down and add tension to the drum and make it come to life.
And Thurau's favorite part?
"The first time you take a drumstick and get to play that drum. From hundreds of hours, dozens of hours it takes to go from a raw piece of lumber to like this finished shiny instrument and you finally get to play. That's the best moment."
Thurau hasn't kept track of how many drums he's made over the years.

He estimates there are about 250 custom HHG drums making music around the world.

Thurau also said he hasn't kept a single drum he's made. He says they're not in his budget!


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