Healthcare Professionals Give Thumbs Up to "Bath Salts" Ban

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY- There is now a sign outside of Dragon Chasers in State College saying the store banned bath salts. The store is one of three listed in the lawsuit filed by the District Attorney, also in it,  Jamaica Junction, where the store manger, Mari Jane Mackey, is making her customers aware she is not selling, but today the popular synthetic substance was still requested." I've been telling them they are illegal in this county, but you can find them in different counties, " Mackey said. For Mari Jane, while it was a hot seller, the ban is welcoming, "I'm happy that their gone because we don't want to be doing that to people," she said.

  At Mount Nittany Medical Center Doctor and Director of Emergency Services Theodore Ziff is relieved. Ziff says in March alone there were at least 20 cases involving patients either ingesting or injecting the bath salts," It becomes a real problem just taking care of them, preventing them from harming themselves and sometimes harming other people, "Ziff said. Ziff says while there has not been a death from the bath salts in Centre County, the synthetic substance leaves people anxious, paranoid and can be suicidal. Ziff praised the D.A.'s lawsuit against retailers who sell it, and the court order filed making it a public nuisance." I think it's really a good move because if these all, they are labeled as a not to be used for human consumption, obviously they are being used for human consumption, and they are a very dangerous drug, they are a drug that should not be sitting on counters for people to buy."

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