Grassroots Online Petition to Rename Beaver Stadium

University Park, Centre County -- Penn State Student Derrick Reese says, "For somebody to basically dedicate their whole life to a University and give millions back to the University,  I just think that he deserves something in his name."

It was his second home for more than 60 years.

Many mourning the loss of Joe Paterno feel it should bear his name.

Penn State Alum Doug McLanko feels, "It should be Joe Paterno stadium because he is Penn State."
Penn State fan Macklin Ayers agrees,  "It would be really nice to honor him that way."

Mourners laying flowers beneath Paterno's statue say its the least Penn State can do to honor the man who single handedly came to define the institution.

Sam Yoder from Harrisburg says,  "I think it would be a great honor if they named it after him. If they changed the name. I think that would be great for him, he deserves it. I mean he's done a whole lot for the University. He put us on the map."

Kelly Tarlecki added, "That's his house. He built that stadium and because of him it is what it is."

No official word from the University that says they're considering renaming the stadium for Paterno.

Click here if you would like to view or sign the grassroots online petition.

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