Folks clean up racetrack at Bedford County Fair

Bedford, Bedford County, Pa. - Day one of the Bedford County Fair had a rough start after rain and area flooding, forced the main event to shut down Sunday. 

Crews with the Speedway spent much of Monday prepping the track for the horses that will be out there for competition. 

Bedford Speedway Director Jake Hoover has been racing around the track.

He spent nearly 7 hours on clean up and was disappointed by Sunday nights turn of events. 

"We were very optimistic that we were going to have a good field of cars in all the divisions and a good crowd but we'll never know because it didn't happen," said Hoover. 

Crews spent the morning breaking up clumps of dirt to prepare for Monday night's horse harness racing.

"We were using some pumps on the backstretch here to drain some of our spring water out that came across the track. Our lowpoint on the track is in the first turn, where most of the water had gathered down there."

Bedford County Fairgrounds Association President James Edwards says they expected the grandstands to be filled for night one.

"You hate to start on a note like that when your days go bad the first day it's hard to make up."

Hoover says there are specific regulations to make sure the track is safe for drivers and animals.

"I want to make sure for everybodys sake, the drivers, the competitors the horses that everything is right. we don't want to send anyone out there in a comprising situation."

The sprint racing that was cancelled will be rescheduled for this coming Sunday. 

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