Flooding Concerns Continue

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 07/14 2014 10:33PM

Updated 07/14 2014 11:36PM

WILLIAMSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - More rain meant more flooding for Bill Stotler in Williamsburg on Monday.
"You can see my yard, other people's yard, gravel on the roads," Bill Stotler says.

Four to five times a year Stotler says dozens of basements along Piney Creek Road are flooded by water run off and he’s frustrated PennDOT hasn't done anything about it.

"They'll drive by and just wave at you. You know. See (Truck drives by). They don't care. It's gotta be done. Somebody's got to do something," Stotler says.

Stotler claims the road is built to high, pushing the water into the yards, and sometimes more than six inches into his home.

The frequent flooding has gotten costly.

"I have to have machinery here. I have to have men here to help with the yard and re-seed it. You're looking at a couple thousand dollars right here," Stotler says.

Now Stotler would like to see PennDOT step up.

"This happens and happens and all they do is bring a broom by and sweep the gravel back into your grass. Come on now let's fix it. Please," Stotler says.

He says he talked with PennDOT before, but has been told the money just isn't there right now.
PennDOT says if you're having a similar issue in your area they will come out and take a look to try and fix the problem.

Legally, in order for their to be any responsibility placed on the township or PennDOT it has to be proven that the road was manually altered, causing the water to run off into your property.

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