Flooding clean up continues in Coalport

Coalport, Clearfield County, Pa. - Main Street in Coalport is still gushing water after Friday's severe flooding.
One business, Brother's Pizza along the main street is closed, thanks to five feet of water that filled the basement.
"We just have paper stuff, containers it can be replaced. It's a lot of stuff we're going to throw out but everything can be replaced," said Claudia Shaw, the owner of Brother's Pizza. 
Claudia and Jeff Shaw spent Saturday morning hauling out freezers and equipment encased in mud because of the flooding. 
They're insured and are thankful the damage wasn't worse.
"The shop is fine so thank god nothing happened to the shop you know we're just going to try and clean the basement," said Claudia. 
Jeff explained, "Pulling the freezers out, spraying the motors off, getting the mud out of them."
Several friends and strangers dropped by to offer a helping hand. 
Isaac Stuart the pastor at Coalport CMA Church was shocked by the damage. 
"Seeing the water coming down, just the total devastation afterwards it's hard to take in."
Stuart says he's been checking on the community, offering help to those in need. He says that's the way Coalport is. 
"Neighbors helping neighbors it's relational, it's all about keeping an eye on each other and making sure everybody is ok."
Claudia says she's thankful for all the emergency volunteers and the local community for helping with clean up. 
"All of them guys they were up and down for hours and hours. This was a nightmare and it happened so fast. Thank God for all the firemen and all the help. Like i said you know all the family and friends thank you very much too."
The Shaws hope to re-open the pizza shop early next week. 

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