FCC Considers Allowing In-Flight Cell Phone Calls

By Cody Combs

Published 12/13 2013 07:25AM

Updated 12/13 2013 07:49AM

WASHINGTON - With a 3-2 vote, the FCC has officially moved forward with plans to consider the possibilities of allowing cell-phone calls during flights.

The vote is a departure from the FCC's current rules which currently ban using cell phones to make in-flight calls.

The vote has stirred a lot of controversy among passengers and politicians.

Pennsylvania 9th District Rep. Bill Shuster (R) responded to the FCC's vote by introducing a bill that would uphold the ban on in-flight cell phone calls, while allowing for texting and other uses.

"These airplanes are confined and they're noisy already," said Shuster in an interview with CNN. "To have dozens of phone calls while in flight, it's annoying to the traveling public and I think it's unnecessary."

According to the most recent Quinnipiac University poll done on the subject, 59% of American travelers say they don't want cell phone calls to be allowed on flights, while 39% are okay with allowing the rule to be changed.

Thursday's FCC vote is not the final say on the matter, it simply opens the doors to discuss the possibilities of changing the existing rules.

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