Farm to Table Restauraunts Helping Local Economy

By Christian Heilman

Published 08/17 2014 05:39PM

Updated 08/17 2014 06:15PM

BEDFORD, BEDFORD COUNTY -- Agriculture is the number one industry in our state, and at horn o’ plenty, they're using that to keep their restaurant fresh.
Mandisa Horn, the owner, operator and farmer at Horn O’Plenty, said, "The idea is just to have fresh food every day on the plates for the customers."
And to get fresh food, they have to look no further than the garden next to the restaurant.
"It's all fresh ingredients so it takes a lot of care and time and you know is what you're supporting when you come to eat,” said Horn.
And it's resonating with customers.
Bill Metzger, a customer, said, "I have heard what is called a slow food movement and I have heard locally grown and I think this is a really fine example of that."
It also allows customers to see their food -- from the field, to the kitchen.
"The whole point of the open kitchen is so that people understand that they can go home and do it as well. It's not rocket science what we're doing,” said Horn.
The restaurant relies so heavily on the local agriculture that the menu changes twice per day -- which is why horn o plenty uses e-readers.
"Whatever we have we kind of lay it out and decide you know what do we need to shine? And then we work the menu around those ingredients,” said Horn.
And it's having an impact on our area because all of the food is locally sourced.
Pam Metzger, a customer, said, "The local economy, the local farmers, you know it's traditionally a farming community. It's wonderful they have an outlet to sell things.

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