Family Using Social Media in Search for Missing Person

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 08/17 2014 07:06PM

Updated 08/17 2014 07:19PM

ALTOONA - Bill and Nancy Bachman have gone across the country searching for their daughter Susan.
They had hopes of finding her in Gary, Indiana just a week after she jumped from a moving car.
"It confirmed that it was her strong desire to follow route 80 all the way to the west coast," said Bill.
They've been traveling Interstate 80, stopping at gas stations, asking if people have seen their daughter.
Along the way, they've been sharing their journey on social media.
"It’s the only way we're going to get the word out as soon as possible about Susan," said Nancy.
Their website has had 80,000 visitors, and their Facebook page has more than 1,300 likes. They've even set up Twitter and Instagram accounts.
"It's also been helpful in connecting people who have volunteered, people who have stepped up from one degree of just following the story to actually helping out," said Will Bachman, Susan’s brother.
The pages have helped put people from across the country in touch with the centre county family. Since they started searching, they've had people in Utah, Wyoming and Iowa reach out.
The family said it could just one person to share their page, or retweet their account, to find Susan.
Will Bachman, Susan's Brother
"All we really need is just that one extra share, on Facebook, to reach that person who might have given Susan a life or seen her, that they can alert authorities," said Will.
The family is searched Sunday in San Francisco. They said they will be heading back home to Centre County on Monday.

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