Fake Construction Workers

By Leah Kirstein

Published 08/18 2014 05:19PM

Updated 08/18 2014 05:33PM


As per the Sandy Township Police Department:

The Sandy Township Police department is investigating a burglary at an elderly female’s residence where an unknown male distracted the victim by asking about her property lines, while another male removed items from the residence. This male advised the female he was working for a construction company and needed her to follow him into the back yard so she could show him where the boundaries were. While in the back yard the male picked up a “walkie talkie” and began to talk to another male on it, stating that he had the home owner in the back yard. The victim stated she was out of the house for 15 minutes and when she returned into it, she noticed her bedroom was ransacked, where several pieces of jewelry and coins were missing. The victim advised the male was operating an off white pickup truck, unknown make or model. The male was described as being in his 30’s with a dark complexion, dark hair, approximately 5’8” 175lbs wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants.

Sandy Township Police received a second report of a similar incident that occurred on East DuBois Avenue. Both incidents have occurred at residences that are near commercial buildings. Residents who reside near commercial buildings are advised to be extra vigilant as this appears to be the actor's method of distraction. If you have recently seen or come in contact with anyone resembling the offenders or their off white pick up truck.

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