EXCLUSIVE: Humane Officer Speaks Out in Dog Case

By Christian Heilman

Published 08/07 2014 06:28PM

Updated 08/07 2014 06:31PM

GALLITZIN, CAMBRIA COUNTY -- During that time police say a concerned citizen called to report that the dog was being neglected.
That's when Gallitzin police and an officer from the humane society came to take the dog.
Wills' house is next door to Favre's house and she tells us she was feeding him twice each day.
The humane officer who responded says he was there as a friend helping the Gallitzin police officer.
He tells us when he saw the dog, favre was emaciated and falling down, and he had no choice but to step in.
The woman who was charged today says she's going to fight it.
Jenny Wills, who is facing animal abuse charges, said, "You can't charge the owners Chris and Renae with anything because they didn't do anything wrong, so he's coming after the next person he can come after."
Humane Society Police Officer Paul Gottshall is not apologizing for what he did last week. In fact, he says the dog needed help.
Gottshall said, "The animal was obviously in distress. It was falling down. It could not bark. It was just taking a few steps and fall back down.
Paul Gottshall has been with the humane society for 17 years and says Favre the dog needed help -- and quickly.
"The dog was near death,” said Gottshall. “It was definitely having some problems. It was very underweight and they had to make a judgmental call to do something for the animal."
On Wednesday, July 30, Gallitzin Police responded to Favre's house and took the dog. Gottshall said he was simply there helping a friend.
"I was assisting another agency so another agency requested my help then we're going to that to help out an animal in distress,” said Gottshall.
That explanation doesn't sit well with Favre's owners.
Chris Myers, Favre’s owner, said, "He didn't sound very compelled when I spoke to him on the phone Wednesday when he was dragging my dog out of the yard. It sounded like he was more out to prove a point and take my dog rather than help my dog."
The Central PA Humane Society released a statement saying, “Given the dog's physical condition on Wednesday, it was transported to the shelter for medical examination that same day and subsequently provided shelter, food, water, and veterinary medical care. Sadly, the dog's age and condition led to its passing.”
Myers said, "Instead of dying at home when he should've died, he died with strangers that didn't even know his name."
He says that if he didn't help the dog -- people would be equally as upset.
Gottshall said, "If you do one thing a thousand things well, no one cares. If you do one thing people question, then you're the bad person.":
The family has not ruled out legal action on their part and the Gallitzin Borough police chief says it's still an open investigation.

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