Ethanol Could Be Damaging Engines

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY- It seems to be the norm at auto shops. At Stocker Chevrolet in State College, mechanics say customers using the ethanol blend are coming in more than ever. "A lot of the times they will limit the horsepower on the engine,"Jeffrey Wagner, Automotive Technician said. The shop says it is usually older cars, not made to run on ethanol with the problems, but mechanics say some newer cars are also coming in and it is costing customers. "Probably might cost a customer somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 to $300 dollars for the fuel and the labor to do it," Wagner said. Now that the EPA approved a blend of 15 percent of ethanol in gasoline. Penn State fuel science professor Andre Boehman predicts there will be more problems. "It will create a problem if you have a vehicle that can't run on E-15 and you give it E-15,"he said. Boehman says some cars will also experience problems. "Small engines in particular are not to be using E-15 because of compatibility problems with weed wackers and chains saws and small equipment," he said

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