Elementary student's injury not reported to parents

Altoona, Blair County, Pa. - A mom in Blair County is speaking out after her daughter was hurt at school, but was not notified and not treated for a broken leg.

Taylor Koch says no one called her when her 12 year-old daughter visited the nurse's office after falling on Friday.

12 year-old Taylor Moser won't be out and about without the help of crutches,

She says her friend witnessed her fall at Logan Elementary School.

"she said she heard something pop and I couldn't get up. So my other friend carried me to the teacher and the teacher carried me to the office."

Taylor says she was taken to the nurse.

"They said can you stand on it and I said no and I started crying and they said you'll try and then after I came out of the nurses office my teacher said to put the weight on the other one and swing the other one that hurt."

Tonya Koch says the school never called to let her know her daughter was hurt. The injury was discovered after school. 

"I'm very upset that no one called me when it happened so I could've gotten her treated sooner and she was made to walk around on her broken leg for hours."

Koch says since the accident the Logan Elementary School Principal has called to check up on Taylor.

"Apologies just don't do it because she was hurt and made to walk around and walking on a broken leg could cause a lot of problems."

Now Koch says something needs to be done.

"I expect them to take good care of my kids and call me. I mean I think it should be policy that they call home any time your kid walks in that office."

We reached out to the Altoona Area School District Sunday. 

They had no comment, other than they cannot discuss students' medical records. 


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