Details from Beta Theta Pi video footage

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pa. - It was a tense courtroom, especially after nearly 10 hours of testimony for the preliminary hearing for Beta Theta Pi.

On Tuesday District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller focused heavily on chilling video highlighting a sequence of events leading up to the death of Timothy Piazza.

There were 12 cameras operating at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house on the night of Piazza's death.

Prosecutors showed a series of clips as a detective with State College Police offered testimony and background from his investigation.

He pointed out clips of Piazza appearing unconscious, members of the frat sitting on him, and at one point being left alone on the floor.

Tom Kline, attorney for the Piazza family, said it's not an easy thing to watch.

"Surveillance video that was shown in this courtroom today is chilling it is horrific and it is unfathomable," Kline said.

 Piazza is seen desperately trying to stand, but collapses several times.

About ten hours later he's seen again, appearing unconscious, being carried by brothers, who wait 41 minutes until calling 911.

 But members of the defense says only seeing clips of the footage doesn't allow for full cross examination.

William Brennan represents Joseph Ems Jr. and said "that video doesn't show any criminality whatsoever. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing."

"I was underwhelmed by the evidence that was presented," Michael Engle, who represents Gary Dibileo, said.

 Around 7 p.m. the judge stopped the hearing, stating with so many details to look at, the case is to be continued.

They are scheduled to return to court July 10th and 11th at 8:30 a.m.

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