Deed Notice Circulating in Area

By Christian Heilman

Published 08/25 2014 05:45PM

Updated 08/25 2014 06:01PM

BEDFORD, BEDFORD COUNTY -- Janet Triplett and her husband Joe have lived in their Everett home for 50 years.
Just recently they received a letter in the mail stating there was a deadline to have their deed information sent to them. The cost? 83 dollars.
Janet Triplett, who received the letter, said, "Well we were a little concerned because we thought why would we be getting another request to have our deed looked at."
The letter comes from a company in California, but looks like something you would get from a government agency – complete with a barcode and specific  information about the property.
"It seems like they think a lot of us older people will just run and do this because we're scared,” said Triplett
Instead, Janet went to the Bedford County courthouse and talked with Faith Zembower -- the register and recorder for the county.
Faith Zembower, Register and Recorder, Bedford County, said, "As I tell people you can come to the courthouse and get that for like 25 cents. You don't have to pay the 83 dollars."
They'll even email that information to you for free. We asked people around our area and folks in a number of counties have seen a similar notice. So we called the company - Record Transfer Services - to ask for answers.
The company told us it's not a scam, it's a service. They equate what they do to AAA or UPS, and that you can go to the courthouse to look up some of the information.
Zembower said, "There is a lot of information they can get, but people don't need that. "
Triplett said, "It really looks official but I didn't know what we owed because we took care of everything up at the courthouse."
It's information Janet and Joe don't need, and want to make sure other people know about so they don't fall for it.
If you receive this and have any questions about your deed or property assessment, you can call your local county courthouse.

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