Crosswalk Assisting Blind to Safely Cross the Road

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 08/02 2014 06:27PM

Updated 08/02 2014 06:59PM

HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - One of the cross walks in Blair county is under going some changes, making it more accessible for everybody.
For the first time, Kiowa Newman is able to walk in the cross walks at Penn and Allegheny streets in Hollidaysburg by herself.
"There are a lot of people with any kind of challenge around here, especially in my school that this could help,” said Newman.
Newman is visually impaired.  A couple of months ago, she and her former mobility teacher, pushed have these special cross walk signals installed.
"Some people were like, ‘ehhh it's going to be too much money, it's going to cause problems, people are going to complain, people aren't going to understand.’ So it was a bit of a battle to actually get the idea in there for people to consider," said Newman.
The mayor, council and borough management were able to in just six weeks, take these signs from an idea and make them a reality.
"It a wonderful thing for everybody involved,” said Joe Dodson, council member. “And hopefully we'll see more throughout the community as we get funds."
And these signs are actually the first of their kind in Blair County.
"To be able to help several residents in this area that are blind or sight-impaired to be able to have more freedom to go up town and be able to shop and move around more," said Linda Schaefer, president of Hollidaysburg Lions Club.
Newman said she's waited too long for something like this, and thinks people just don't realize how much of a need there is for these signals.
"I worked really hard to accomplish something that's really going to help,” said Newman. “So I'm proud of myself and anybody I helped."
Even though a technician still has to come out to make sure the sound is working properly, Newman tells us that today was her first step toward independence.
Those signals are expected to be completed by Wednesday of next week.

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