Cresson Woman Allegedly Violates Bond

By Danielle Krout

Published 09/01 2014 04:42PM

Updated 09/01 2014 08:25PM

HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY---- Jennifer Sloan is out on $50,000 unsecured bond for the 2013 vehicular homicide death of Connie Naylor, but was recently charged for allegedly driving drunk.

"I received a phone call from a trooper with the Lewistown Barracks,” said Jackie Bernard, First Assistant District Attorney.  “He had indicated he had an incident with her (Sloan)."

Sloan, 32 of Cresson was arrested August 21, 2014 for driving erratically and her blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit.

"The commonwealth filed a motion to revoke her bail pursuant to the fact that the trooper arrested her for driving under the influence," said Bernard.

"Certainly- we will continue to fight any revocation,” said Tom Dickey, Sloan’s Defense Attorney.  “Any action taken against her we'll fight I mean we haven't had time to investigate it.”

Sloan is facing vehicular homicide charges, speeding and driving without a valid license in the fatal April 3, 2013 crash.  She waived her charges to court at her preliminary hearing in 2014, nine months after it happened.  Part of her bond conditions is she is not allowed to be involved in any criminal activity.  She was charged August 29, 2014 with a DUI.

Naylor’s family is still trying to come to terms with her death.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions we have,” said Jody Gibbons, victim’s son.  “This didn’t have to happen.”

Naylor was driving on Route 22 to go to Altoona for a shopping trip when she was hit from behind by Sloan.  The Blair County Coroner said she died from Blunt Force Trauma.  Two crosses sit along side the highway where Naylor was killed.

“No one deserves to go through this,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons said his family hopes Sloan’s bond gets revoked before she hurts anyone else.

‘Our whole world has been turned upside down,” said Gibbons.  “Apparently she’s still going out having a good time.”

A new hearing date for Sloan has not been set.

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