Concern over Dollar General moving into Clearfield County town

Grampian, Clearfield County, Pa. - Just off Route 219 in Penn Township, construction is underway for the new Dollar General.  It'll sit just outside of Grampian Borough limits. 

Bill Waterloo has been on borough council for the past 8 years. He says, "without people concerned getting involved things will just fall apart." 

Waterloo says his mission on the council is to bring life back into what was once a thriving lumber town, "I personally would like to see industry come back into the area."

He says the Dollar General will threaten local business. "As far as local business is concerned I feel like it's a negative impact for them. For the general public, I think it's a convenience."   

However, residents say there are not many options in town to shop locally anyway. "Living in the middle of nowhere, I do have to go pretty far to get the things that I need and get good deals," says Brandy Patino. 

According to Patino, limited options for necessities means having to shell out more cash. "If you have to go to the gas station to get milk in the middle of the night that's very expensive."

Patino's talking about the only gas station left in town, the "One Shop". It's run by Belinda McCracken. The manager says its prices are competitive. She says she's not worried about the dollar general being built just outside of Grampian. 

McCracken believes the new store may boost business- by keeping people in town to shop. "A lot of people will go to Curwensville to go to the dollar general down there and buy their gas down there. Now they don't have to so yeah I think it'll improve our business here."

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