Cold Jobs Part 1: Special Delivery

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 02/09 2014 09:47PM

Updated 02/10 2014 06:35PM

HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night.” That's the motto of the United States Postal Service.
That theory has been put to test this winter as we talked with one local letter carrier who hasn't let the cold slow him down for the past 16 years.
“I didn't realize Hollidaysburg was hilly until I started carrying here,” Mike Simmons says.
Mike Simmons walks the streets everyday. No matter how bad the conditions are.
“It's actually usually safer to walk in the snow versus cleared sidewalks,” Simmons says.
He delivers to more than 600 homes. A stretch he says covers more than 9 miles, which is actually an upgrade for him.
“The route I was on prior to this up to last year was about 14 miles and it was hilly,” Simmons says.
The cold and snow definitely creates some problems for Mike, but he says he actually prefers this weather over some of the other alternatives.
“This is better than 100 degree weather, absolutely. I do not take the heat very well. You can always dress warm but you can only take so much off,” Simmons says.
And Mike says his biggest battle isn't the weather, in fact, it's a time tested tradition.
“I've been (by dogs) bitten 7 times. They do exist. There are dogs,” Simmons says.
And dog bites aside, Mike said the key to getting through the cold temps is layers and most of the time he even brings along a change of clothes just in case.

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