Clearfield County Sheriff's Race

CLEARFIELD COUNTY - After over 36 years as Clearfield County Sheriff, Chester Hawkins has chosen to retire. Three republicans and one democrat are vying for his position.

The names on the ballot were:

John Bacher III (R)

Wes Thurston (R)

Harry  "Abe" Miller (R)

Jeffrey Rhone (D) - unopposed

Miller was not available for comment, but Your Election Headquarters caught up with both Thurston and Bacher who told us why they want your vote. Residents in Clearfield County must have agreed with Thurston's reponse. He won over Bacher by around 400 votes.

"I am the most qualified. I have the most administrative and managerial experience. I have the experience as a police officer over a 32 year period and have investigated the most serious crimes" said Thurston.

Thurston also looks to change things within the department.

"I intend to bring my ability to look at business processes and learn how to make those run more smoothly" said Thurston. 
He believes strongly in the 2nd ammendement.

After the win Thurston said he could not have done this without his supporters and there is a lot of work to do before November when he will run against Democrat Jeffrey Rhone who ran unopposed on Tuesday.

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