Clearfield County man sentenced for abusing infant daughter

Clearfield, Clearfield County, Pa. - An Osceola Mills man was sentenced to 15 to 40 years behind bars at the Clearfield County Courthouse on Monday. Aaron Mills was accused of abusing his daughter, who was just three weeks old at the time. Mills and the baby's Stephanie McGuire, were both charged after their baby daughter was found with broken ribs, two broken legs, and other internal injuries. 

The small community of Osceola Mills was shaken by the arrests. Many residents came together to call justice for the child. Clearfield County District Attorney Bill Shaw says the case caused a lot of attention to the widespread problem of child abuse. "It brings a lot of emotion out in people, rightfully so, because there's a child involved," says Shaw.

Mills pleaded guilty to the charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child in late 2017.  Mills parents both addressed the courtroom saying their son is making a recovery from years of addiction. Shaw agreed that drugs may have played a role in this case. "This isn't a case where we think these parents were intentionally trying to hurt this child. Instead, this was a case of negligent parenting. Poor parenting probably brought out by the fog of drug abuse."

The baby's mother, McGuire, also pleaded guilty charges back in September 2017. She is expected to sentenced last month. 

The baby is said to have made a full recovery. She currently is in the care of Children and Youth Services. 

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