Clay Cup brews creativity with pottery painting

Altoona, Blair County, Pa. - When you first walk into the Clay Cup in downtown Altoona, you smell coffee, but there’s so much more.

 "Coffee, art, and pottery. It's been a dream of mine to kind of combine all of them since I was in high school,” said Bellwood native Sarah Vogel.

She open up the pottery painting section of the coffee shop about a month ago.

"So as you walk back this is where we have all the pottery pieces to choose from,” Vogel explained. "Everything is included in the price, so whatever’s listed with the piece that's what you pay for everything, the firing, the glazing, it's all included."

 Sarah and WTAJ’s Karina Cheung sat down for some painting. First they picked their pieces and then the glaze colors.

Anyone who wants to try their hand can do the same by just walking in and grabbing a brush.

"I think that's why people are so curious about it and excited about it because it is different, it's downtown, it's adding to the community and things that people can do in the evenings, the weekends in the summer and the winter."

 Bekah Rice is a barista at the shop. She comes in to paint when she’s not steaming lattes and cappuccinos.

“It's a huge selection, you can do cups, you can do bowls, there's fun little birds, dog dishes it's so much fun. 

Rice says it’s art anyone can create.

"You think you have to be very artistic to be able to do it but you don't have to do anything at all it always turns out fantastic, I brought in my little nephew and he just had the most fun and he just did whatever." 

Vogel’s goal for the Clay Cup: to bring the community together. 

"Coffee does that naturally because coffee is just such a big part of peoples lifestyles, but when you put the art into it and you make the art accessible to people, I think it just works together in a very natural way.

The studio is open for pottery painting Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 3pm to close.



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