Church gathers supplies for disaster relief

Huntingdon, Pa. - Lily Formosa is studying to be a social worker -- she likes lending a hand to those in need.


"It's all about humanity. And seeing that just cause I'm in a good place doesn't mean someone else is in the same place that I'm in. So how can I help them get in…a comfier position?" Juniata College student Lily Formosa said.


That's why she and the rest of her classmates jumped at the opportunity to partner with the Stone Church of the Brethren. They're gathering supplies for people affected by disasters through Church World Service. 


"So there's about 17 different kinds of things that end up in that bucket, including then the bucket itself helps them clean up their home,” Interim Pastor for Stone Church of the Brethren, Anna Lisa Gross, said.


The buckets are filled with items such as gloves and cleaning supplies, and will be shipped all across the world to help with recent disasters. 


"So a lot of these buckets are going to end up in Texas and Florida, but they'll also be going Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. They might go to South East Asia," Gross said.  


As families struggle to rebuild, Formosa is glad to be part of a large humanitarian effort. 


"Doing this is a really humbling experience because I've never been in a situation where my house has basically been destroyed...or I've lost all my possessions. And so, just to see all of these people coming together for a common purpose really just warms my heart," Formosa said. 


And that common goal is to help clean up someone else's life, one bucket at a time. 


Donations can be dropped off at the Stone Church of the Brethren in Huntingdon or by calling 814-643-3390. Donations can also be made directly to World Church Service HERE.

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