Children's museum relocating

State College, Centre County, Pa. - At the Discovery Space Children's Science Museum, you'll find playtime has a purpose.

The Interim-Executive Director, Michele Crowl, said its mission is to spark creativity, curiosity and imagination, but big goals need a big space.

"We need a larger facility in order to do what we want to do," Crowl said.

Last week the museum signed a lease for a property at 1224 Atherton St. that was formerly used as a church.

Crowl says it's three times bigger than their current location on Fraser St.

"It was the right size, it has great visibility. It has a parking lot, which we hear from a lot of our visitors with young children was really necessary," Crowl said.

Chris Gorski, a father of two, said it will also be nice to have more wiggle room

"It's just so crowded that you really feel cramped in and it's almost stressful so i think having more space to sort of relax while you're there would be great," Gorski said.

He brings his son here almost every day and said it's an important asset for families in the community.

"So there's a lot of different activities where you can see them sort of working through the steps and enjoying that," Gorski said.

Now with a bigger facility, Crowl said it can open up more classrooms, create new exhibits, and accommodate more kids.

"If the school wants to bring all of the third grade classes they can do that in a larger space," Crowl said.

The new location is expected to be open this September and Gorski said it will definitely be worth the wait.

"It's just such an amazing place to bring your kid every day and let them run around and learn something while you're here," Gorski said.

Crowl said the museum will rely heavily on donations for the renovations.

For details on how you can help, click here.

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