Centre Hall celebrates Father's Day with grilling event

Centre Hall, Centre County, Pa. - Some say Father's Day has become the unofficial day for grilling, so that's why the Rhoneymeade Sculpture Garden and Arboretum opened their doors to dads all around.

"We decided to just take advantage of all our little nooks and crannies and all the grills we have...and set some grills out and invite anybody who wants to come and just bring their picnic and... light some charcoal and just enjoy the place in a different way it usually doesn't normally get enjoyed," Executive Director, James Lesher, said.

With the seclusion and scenery, Jenna Reeger thought Rhoneymeade would be the perfect place to spend time with her dad and sister Maggie.

"It's a nice outdoor area, and kind of out in the country a little bit...and a pretty private place, I knew it wouldn't be too busy today," daughter Jenna Reeger said.

Dads can teach many valuable lessons when growing up, but Maggie said the practical lessons are sometimes the most important.

"He taught me how to change a tire. And that's a good thing to know how to do obviously. I haven't had to use that skill yet, but If I ever do - I'm ready to go," Maggie Reeger said.

Even though Jenna Reeger lives away from home and schedules conflict at times for Maggie Reeger, they both agree time spent with dad is time well spent.

"It's nice to have a day to set aside where you make a plan and you know you get to spend the whole day together and catch up on what's going on in each others lives," Maggie Reeger said.

Rhoneymeade is open every weekend from ten to four, through October. 

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