Centre County Elected Officials Could See Bump in Pay

By Mallory Lane

Published 07/22 2014 05:16PM

Updated 07/22 2014 05:40PM

BELLEFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY - The salaries for elected officials in Centre County are one step closer to being decided by county commissioners and this year, they're planning to make some changes.

For the 2012 to 2015 term, elected officials in Centre County received no raise, their salaries stayed the same each year of the term.

Now, commissioners are hoping to increase pay per year for the next term by no more than 1.5 percent.

It's a decision Centre County Commissioner Chris Exarchos doesn't like making.

"I wish there were a different process that's sitting out there because it involves us as well," Exarchos said. "It seems as though we're giving ourselves a raise, which then becomes politicized."

But commissioners say this decision is all a part of the county's code.

Elected officials in Centre County include the three Commissioners, the County Treasurer, Controller, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills, Coroner, Prothonotary and Sheriff.

Last term, none of them received an increase in pay, but Centre County still ranked third in the state of fourth class counties for pay last term, giving more per position than folks in Cambria County.

"When we heard testimony from our elected officials, there wasn't anybody who said or brought data in terms of this is how much I would like," Commissioner Michael Pipe said. "They said a modest increase would be good, we had flat funding."

Under the proposed change, Centre County Commissioners will make about $71,700 in 2016. With no more than a 1.5 percent increase per year, that will bring them to just over a $75,000 salary in 2019.

All other elected officials will start 2016 making about $64,900 and wrap up 2019 making $67,860.

Commissioners do acknowledge they are making this decision before elections for next term, so the decision may or may not affect them, depending on the outcome of the election.

The percent increase discussed Tuesday will be drafted into an ordinance and voted on by commissioners at a later date this year, before December 31.

Here is a breakdown of how much elected officials in Centre County are making for the current 2012-2015 term:

Commissioner, Chair $70,668

Vice Chair $70, 668

Secretary $70,668

Treasurer $63,937

Controller $63,937

Recorder of Deeds $ 63,937

Register of Wills $63,937

Coroner $63,937

Prothonotary $63,937

Sheriff $63,937

The following numbers show how much each official will make per year for the 2015-2019 term, if the proposed percentage increase is voted into place.

Commissioners (3): (2016) $71,728.02  (2017) $72,803.94  (2018) $73,896.00  (2019) $75,004.44

Treasurer: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

Controller: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

R.O.D.: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

R.O.W.: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

Coroner: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

Prothonotary: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

Sheriff: (2016) $64,896.06  (2017) $65,869.50  (2018) $66,857.54  (2019) $67,860.40

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