Centre County DA calls out Beta Theta Pi defense and judge rulings

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pa. - It's been almost a year since the death of Timothy Piazza and Stacy Parks Miller said at this point, still being in the preliminary stages of the case for Beta Theta Pi, is uncalled for.

And she's pushing, again, for a new judge to take over.

The Commonwealth refiled charges against 11 Beta Theta Pi Brothers this fall.

This came after District Judge Allen Sinclair dismissed some of the initial charges.

The DA's office argues he was "Binding over and dismissing charges in an inexplicable unexplainable fashion" and went on to request a new judge for the new charges.

Since the refiling, the Commonwealth said some defense attorneys have been requesting additional time to respond to motions, a move they believe is a stall tactic.

The DA's office says President Judge Ruest then approved  a request made by the defense, giving them until Dec. 8th to respond to the Commonwealth, which ultimately shortens the timeline for the new charges to reach the preliminary hearing while Parks Miller is still District Attorney.

Parks Miller said District Judge Steven Lachman has adhered to requests from the defense withing giving her office the opportunity to provide input or proper justification for the rulings.

Now she's hoping her new request is considered to recuse Judge Lachman and assign a temporary  alternative judge to preside over the upcoming preliminary hearings.

And Alpha Upsilon chapter is also facing a new civil suit.

It's backed by Donald Abbey who says he's entitled to over $8 million from a breach of contract. and blames the chapter for permitting  events leading up to the death of Timothy Piazza.

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