Centre County business keeps hands warm, memories alive

Centre County, Pa. - "I would find my design; I'm going to put my template on the sweater"


Susan Wise starts out her process a little different each time – turning wool sweaters into mittens.

"They're put together from different things, and they come together, and they make a really nice little creation for your hands," Wise said.


Wise and her family started the Centre County-based business about 10 years ago.

"We called it Second Season Mittens because the first season it was a sweater to keep your body warm. The second season is the same sweater being used to keep your hands warm," Wise.


October through December is their busiest season, but Wise gets helps from friends -- like fellow retiree Helen Barto.

"I cut sweaters apart, I cut patterns out, I sew them, occasionally I'll cuff some but not very often, I'll do liners, make create liners. Whatever she needs done,” Barto said.

"These mittens were lined with her father's flannel pajamas," Wise said.


Wise recalls her favorite project for a customer. She calls them “Memory Mittens,” which are mittens made from a loved one’s piece of clothing.

"And she said, ‘because I want them to remember their grandfather in a special way every time they put their hand in that mitten,’" said Wise.

"You can just see -- it might mean nothing to most people but to that person it's a very special -- it brings back very special memories," said Wise.


Whether its to hold a special memory or a way to keep warm on chilly days, each pair of mittens is unique but all of them get the same care and love while being made.

"I have very cold hands a lot of the time. And to know that I'm helping somebody else keep their hands warm, and special memories in some cases, it's a really good feeling," Barto said.

"You take these little pieces, you put them together and now you have this great looking mitten that people really love," Wise said.  

Second Season Mittens also donates mittens in and around the region. Prices range from $35-$45. 
A link to Second Season Mittens can be found HERE.

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