Centre County "Bath Salts" Ban

BELLEFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY-  Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller has filed a lawsuit stopping the sale of the substance known as bath salts."We have to make it clear that at least in Centre County this is not quote unquote legal," Miller said.

 Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, joined by several law enforcement officials announced she filed a lawsuit preventing Centre County businesses from selling the substance known as bath salts.The DA says in the past six months bath salts have gone from virtually unknown to a serious drug abuse threat.

 "Someone younger may think if I can buy it with my chips and my soda maybe it is okay." Wednesday afternoon a judge issued a court order temporarily banning it."It's nothing more than a designer drug it's fake cocaine and we couldn't have it be sold in Centre County anymore and we decided to take action," she said.

 Named in the lawsuit are three Centre County businesses: Dragon Chasers and Jamaica Junction, both in State College, and a UniMart store in Bellefonte. Sanjay Patel is the manager and he says he no longer sells it, but admits when he did it was popular. "A lot of people didn't like it because they stopped selling it," he said.

The Pennsylvania Senate just passed a bill to ban the product, the house votes next. Miller says, "There's a House Bill pending but we don't see any end in it in the near future."The District Attorney's concerns are echoed by State College Police Chief Tom King says bath salts have become popular with minors. "Up until today it was perfectly legal to walk in the store and buy it and nothing could be done about it.  It's perfectly legal we're sending a message that it's okay to do that the fact that it's illegal. It makes access more difficult not impossible we know that, but more difficult," he said.


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