Cancer survivor needs new heart

A local boy can't play Little League anymore because weeks ago, he found out he needs a heart transplant. So, his team-mates and even the opposing players gave him a special send-off at this week's game in Hollidaysburg.
All of the players  wore shirts with Ryder McDermitt's name on them. They also asked the eleven-year-old to throw out the first pitch.
Ryder developed heart problems as a result of his battle with leukemia.  He was diagnosed at only 18-months, and then after multiple rounds of chemotherapy and full body radiation, he had to have a cord blood transplant.  
But he and his mother Karrie are ready to take on the new challenge. 
 "We still feel blessed Ryder isn't in the hospital on any machines, he's still doing things  that he loves to do, We feel that we've caught this early enough," Karrie says.
Karrie says his doctor is confident Ryder will be put on the list for a transplant and that he'll get a donor heart.
Meantime, Ryder is excited about a fun new adventure he's going on. We'll catch up with this inspiring young man in the very near future

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