Brookville Police Department Patrol Officer steps into chief position

BROOKVILLE, Pa. - A senior patrol officer with the Brookville Police Department has been named the chief of the department.


Vince Markle has been with the department in Jefferson County for the past two decades and has seen many changes.


“When I first started here, you didn't have the opioid epidemic. It wasn't even thought of,” Markle said.


Markle said he plans on making the opioid epidemic a focus when he takes over. He has already been addressing the community for years as a 5th grade DARE instructor.


"It's an intense 12-week program. So you're building a rapport with those kids. Unfortunately, there's been times we had to go in the home and they're not afraid of me because they've been 12-weeks with me," he said.


Markle said he plans on opening new positions in the department.

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