Borough Says No To Chickens

By WTAJ News

Published 12/09 2013 11:07PM

Updated 12/09 2013 11:15PM

ROARING SPRING, BLAIR COUNTY - Back in April Brenda and Adam Frederick decided they wanted to raise a couple chickens to help teach their kids responsibility. At first the Roaring Spring Borough said yes, but then reconsidered. Now eight months later, two new ordinances were passed and it ended up being about much more than just chickens.
Pigs, goats, chickens, really any farm animal for that matter will not be allowed in Roaring Spring Borough.
On Monday night the council passed a new zoning ordinance and animal control ordinance.
The laws limit most agricultural activity only to people with five acres of land or more.
It also limits the types of animals people can have and how many.
 “We're devastated that we can't have 3 chickens for our children. They cause less noise, produce less smells than an average dog,” Brenda Frederick says.
Brenda and Adam Frederick have been fighting to prevent these changes since April. They built a chicken coup in their yard, only to be told later chickens weren't allowed.
From the beginning they were against us. The Borough members were against us having chickens,” Frederick says.
The borough council, though, says most people in town agree.
 “The overall majority said we don't want chickens next door and we don't want to worry about animals coming into this town so we as a council came together and said if that's what the people want that's what we're going to do,” Councilmember Chris Carrier says.
The Fredericks say the borough is trying to take agriculture out of the town, but council member Chris Carrier says that's far from the case.
“There are places in the borough that are agricultural. There’s even a farm up by Giant Eagle that if people decided they could use for agricultural programs,” Carrier says.
Either way the Fredericks say after eight months they're happy to finally have some answers, even if it wasn't what they wanted
“Now we can just move on with it because we realize how they feel and how they run this town and we don't want to live in a town like that,” Frederick says.
The changes to the zoning laws were adjusted to not include family gardens and personal greenhouses. Each borough and township throughout the state has the choice of what types of pets they allow and it varies throughout the entire region.

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