Boaters Say Raystown Lake Death Is A Sad Safety Reminder

By Ali Ingersoll

Published 07/04 2014 11:11PM

Updated 07/04 2014 11:43PM

State Police have confirmed the body of a 36-year-old female from Carlisle has been found in the cabin of a boat after a crash happened around 10 p.m. Thursday.

Boaters say it's always sad hearing about a tragedy out on the water.  They say incidents like this remind them they need to use safety precautions while boating.

"It's a lot of fun but it's a lot of danger in it too," says Joe Ventry, a boater from James Creek.

"It makes you realize that it's a very dangerous sport," says Fred Cooper, a boater from Elizabeth town who says he's been coming to the lake for twenty years.

He says he took his time boating.

"I don't think we did over 20 miles per hour today," says Cooper.

He says hearing about the death should serve as a reminder to people to take boating seriously.

"It's scary because it's a big lake," says Cooper.

People gathered along the lake, watching crews search for the missing woman.

"We got down here at 9 o'clock in the morning and saw everything that was going on," says Eric Malone, one of the boaters.

He says emergency crews were not a sight he expected to see.

"It's sad to be on the Fourth of July," says Malone.  "Everyone is trying to have a good time and spend time with their families."

The Marklesburg Fire Chief, Marlin Hunsicker, says he isn't sure why the group was out on the lake at night.

"It's extremely dangerous to navigate that lake at night," says Hunsicker.  "You can't see.  There's so many twists and turns.  Unless the moon is out real bright and the stars are out, you can't see."

People say it's hard hearing about a something happening at a place they love.

"It's a tragedy," says Cooper.

"It's a devastating loss," adds Hunsicker.

This is the second time crews have been out to Raystown Lake for an incident like this this year.

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