Blue Band Shares Paterno Football Memories

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY -- We've been hearing from current and former football players about their memories of Joe Paterno. We also talked with another group who spent game day with him, the Blue Band.

The Blue Band performs at Penn State football games and members say they loved seeing Joe Paterno on the sidelines or in the tunnel.

Members of the Blue Band say they are part of the action on game day, watching Paterno up close on the field, interacting with players.

"I remember the very first game I was at, in the isle we wait for the team to come out, when Joe Pa ran out of the tunnel, he actually ran right between me and the guy next to me. And I thought it was the greatest thing ever," Patrick Brevsse, a member of the Blue Band said.

"Probably my fondest memory of Joe Paterno is last season at one of our rally in the valley events, he always had classic speeches that he did. He knew how to really pep up the students," Joshua Helsley, a member of the Blue Band said.

To honor Paterno, the Blue Band played at Sunday's vigil.

"I felt it was just really moving, something so simple could do so much." Charlie Kuhns, a member of the Blue Band said.

"I do love this university and I don't even think I would be here without him," Jordan Schaeffer, a member of the Blue Band said.

Students say next football season will be different. Members of the band say it will be difficult, but they know Joe would want the team, the band and the fans to move on and continue to cheer on Penn State.

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