Blizzard Ban Reaction

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Drug experts are glad Blizzard will soon be illegal and they're already getting ready for the next drug.

Judy grosser is the Executive Director for Blair County Drug and Alcohol. She studies the drug trends and helps local agencies deal with them. She's glad these bath salts are now on the list on controlled substances in Pennsylvania.  She says it will help law enforcement fight the drug problem instead of waiting for the drug used to do something else illegal.

And Special Agent Randy Feathers says the ban is just in time, he was concerned about a problematic summer with the drugs. He's also happy about the ban, but he says the drug problem will keep going. He says the answer is more education so young people won't be interested in any drugs.

And Rosser is working to keep that education going by organizing more training on stimulant drugs for area workers. She says there will still be people abusing other drugs. But she thinks people that were using Blizzard will be looking for another stimulant that produces a similar effect once Blizzard is harder to get.

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