Blizzard Ban Nationwide

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to take a state-wide ban national.

Senator Bob Casey is calling for a nation-wide on designer drugs like K2 and bath salts. Governor Tom Corbett signed a bill making them illegal in Pennsylvania four months ago. Monday Senator Casey sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to act quickly on this bill. He called these synthetics drugs a grave threat to the nation's safety.  And local experts say the state ban, has made a big difference.

The Pennsylvania ban on synthetic drugs like Blizzard took effect on August 22nd. And in the last two months it's worked. Judy Rosser of Blair County Drug and Alcohol says fewer people are coming in for treatment for Blizzard addiction.

Blizzard overdoses are down at Altoona Regional as well. Dr. Matthew Bouchard would like to see the ban go nationwide, and so would Rosser. She says people are still going on the internet to get the drug delivered to Pennsylvania.

Casey says the Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control act of 2011 has been bottled up in the Senate for over two weeks.

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