Blizzard a Likely Factor in Tyrone Woman's Death

SNYDER TOWNSHIP, BLAIR COUNTY - The body of a 25-year-old Tyrone woman was found lying alongside train tracks in Blair County early Saturday morning.  


No name has been released yet, but Blair County Coroner, Patricia Ross says the woman was likely doing blizzard the morning of her death.


An outline marks the spot where the young woman was found. A conductor of a passing train spotted the body laying beside the tracks 5:30 Saturday morning near Thomas Town Road in Snyder Township just outside of Tyrone.


"We believe she was probably nicked or hit on the side, we don't see any foul play in the area," Blair County Coroner Patricia Ross said.


Ross said it is unusual to find a body alongside a railroad in the manner this one was.   


Ross said her injuries indicate she was either hit by a train traveling past her or perhaps killed after she jumped from one.


"Had she been in front of the train there would have been severe blunt force trauma," Ross added.


No official cause of death has been given so far. An autopsy will be preformed Monday.


What is known, Ross said, is the woman's history of bath salt abuse.


"It has been told to me by a facility prior to today that she was using Blizzard and that she has been using Blizzard," said Ross.


Had she been high on Blizzard the morning of her death, Ross said the drug could have easily left her disoriented, possibly causing the fatal accident.  


"I think she might have become confused where she was," said Ross. "We've been told by the family that she often goes to that area just basically to think."


The woman's death is likely to be ruled accidental.

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