Blessing Ceremony Held in State College

By Christian Heilman

Published 08/03 2014 10:26PM

Updated 08/04 2014 12:01AM

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY -- Same-sex marriage is now legal in Pennsylvania after a court ruling in May, and four same-sex couples in our area wanted to celebrate.
It was a night for celebration in state college as Greg, Ron and three other same-sex couples celebrated their long fight for equality.
Greg Wright, said, "We feel like we're now full members of society. I can't even begin to tell you what that feels like."
Greg and Ron were part of the ACLU lawsuit that brought same-sex marriage to the state. Something they didn't even think would happen.
Wright said, “For us, it was a surprise of success because we thought this fight would go on for years.”
This blessing ceremony brought these couples together -- all were married in other states -- but tonight, they're enjoying the rights they now have in this state.
Ron Gebhardtsbauer said, "We live in Pennsylvania. We have a wonderful church in Pennsylvania. Our jobs are in Pennsylvania. We love Pennsylvania."
Marilyn Eastridge, a woman who took part in the ceremony, said "To have marriage equality now in Pennsylvania is wonderful."
A local pastor blessed all the couples who -- between all of them -- have 100 years of commitment.
Wright said, "This is really about the whole state of Pennsylvania and so many couples who have been waiting for this to happen."
The marriages might have happened across the country, but tonight was to celebrate those commitments with people right here at home.

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