Blair Blizzard Ban Still in Effect

  HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY    Under a temporary injunction now in place, synthetic drugs such as Blizzard or K-2 cannot be sold in Blair County.  On Wednesday, Judge Hiram Carpenter decided to keep that ban in place. 

      In his written opinion, Judge Carpenter ruled that the Blair County District Attorney's Office satisfied the burden of proof required to keep the temporary injunction in place.

         It's the judge's conclusion that immediate and irreparable harm would be caused if the injunction, banning the sale of bath salts was not kept in effect.

         During the Tuesday morning hearing at the Blair County Courthouse., testimony was taken from thirteen different witnesses who were drawn from Blair County's   law enforcement and drug treatment communities.

        All of those taking the stand testified about the negative effects they have seen from the short and long term use of these synthetic drugs.

        The hearing was specifically held to determine if a temporary injunction, banning the sale of the chemical compounds by several area businesses in Blair County should be kept in place.

          Based on what the judge heard in his courtroom, the Judge ruled that to avoid irreparable harm to the community, that temporary ban should remain in effect.


      A hearing to consider a permanent injunction banning the sale of these substances in Blair County has been scheduled for September first.

       But court officials say they hope that hearing will not be necessary because a state-wide ban  on these dangerous substances  is expected to go into effect before that date.




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