Benninghoff Speaks After Convincing Win

Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R) beats Christopher Lee (D) 20,118-10,735 (65%-35%) to retain his 171st seat in the PA House of Representatives.

 The 171st district race, Republican incumbent Kerry Benninghoff defends his seat against Democrat Christopher Lee. Benninghoff gets more than 20,000 votes to win by 15% over Lee.

Benninghoff has held his seat since 1996. He watched the results come in at Champs in State College along with other GOP candidates. He says while winning any election feels good, it feels even better to win again.

"....I'm obviously very humbled, its an honor, in some ways it's almost more of an honor to be reelected, id like to believe it's an affirmation of the work and the service that we try to provide, I cant take all the credit for it, I have a great staff, great supporters that worked throughout the

Benninghoff lives in Bellefonte, and has served for more than a decade in the state house.

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